'Wedge-tailed Eagle'

 Art Statement


The Wedge-tailed Eagle is named for its characteristic wedge-shaped tail. As the largest bird of prey in Australia, it is found distributed widely throughout Australia even as far south as Tasmania. It has broad wings, fully-feathered legs and a very elongated, powerful beak. Wedge-tails reside in a wide variety of habitats ranging from desert, semi-desert, plains, mountain areas, forest and even tropical forest. Wedge-tail Eagles tend to pair for many years, possibly mating for life. They build a large nest of sticks in the tallest tree and typically lay two eggs. Since colonisation, this species is one of the few natives that have not declined in numbers due to the proliferation of a new introduced mammal into its diet - the European rabbit. As such an impressive bird, the Wedge-tail cuts a regal pose in profile with a nonchalant backward glance. I have carefully rendered each fringed feather and situated him on a tangled branch of an old-growth tree, also meticulously rendered.

- Fiona Francois -

 Wedge-tailed Eagle progress pics

Wedge-tailed Eagle progress photos