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Fiona is a contemporary artist living in Deloraine, Tasmania. Formerly a graphic designer and illustrator with 25 years of experience, she now creates her own unique artwork in many mediums.  With over 10 years experience in the video games industry as a 3D graphic artist, concept artist and art director, she brings a unique imaginative element to her artwork.  Her work is figurative with a strong emphasis on narrative, often dealing with such themes as environmentalism, social and humanitarian issues and the exploration of the Self.

Her latest work is inspired by the Tasmanian wilderness particularly weathered trees and driftwood. She says about her work:

"Nature weathers wood in beautiful and mysterious ways.  We often forget our connection to nature but I am reminded of our shared vulnerability to the ravages of time, weathering and the elements.  I seek to capture the beauty of Nature’s unique and intricate sculptural works of art and share the story of the trees."


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Fiona's work is represented by the following galleries.
Penguin Creek Gallery, Penguin
MinT Gallery, St Helens
The Spotted Quoll, Hobart
The Tasmanian Artisan Shop, Launceston
Gallery 5 Deloraine

Contact Fiona

Email: fiona.francois.art@gmail.com
Phone: +61 416 054 245