(October 23 - November 21)

Art Statement


The Scorpion – Eighth sign

Scorpio is the most intense, profound and powerful of the zodiac signs. As a water sign, there is a great depth of emotional life that is hidden behind a well-guarded exterior akin to a great volcano ready to explode through the surface. Scorpios are passionate, assertive and fearless when it comes to issues that concern them. They are often distrustful, jealous and suspicious and feel the need to uncover any dubious plots or secrets. They are very loyal to their chosen associates but cross them and you will find yourself brutally stung and left out in the cold. The immense forcefulness, magnetic intensity and strangely hypnotic personality of a Scorpio can be felt when they look directly at you. Most people cannot stand that harnessed aggression and feel naked and defenceless before them. I chose a Femme Fatale to represent this dark streak that characterises Scorpio. She is both alluring and dangerous. I have used the Film Noir style to further enhance her deadly nature with the classic shadowed louvre lighting. She has a touch of the Black Widow or Bond Villain edge. Most obvious is the large tattoo of the scorpion on her back with the tail curling up ready to strike. I have reflected this tell-tale curl in the feather decoration on her fascinator as well as the astrological symbol in the black jewel. With the intensity of her casual stare and her calculated sensuality, she is a force to be reckoned with.


- Fiona Francois -


Scorpio charcoal drawing