'Scarlet Robin'

 Art Statement


This brightly coloured, small Robin is almost as well-loved as the Fairy Wren in Tasmania. Common to most regions in Australia, the Scarlet Robin is distinctive with its bright red breast and black and white colouring. This drawing started out as an art piece for a series of Tasmanian Christmas cards I was developing and my very first drawing with a colour pencil accent. It became so popular as a result of this pop of colour that I began incorporating colour accents into many others of my wildlife series. It also extended its life way beyond Christmas cards into art prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, cushion covers and scarves. Also this marks my first in what has become an extensive series of drawings based on Tasmanian wildlife. I began this series immediately after my "Driftwood" series and it still carries the driftwood motif through all of the wildlife pieces.

- Fiona Francois -

Scarlet Robin progress pics

Scarlet Robin progress photos