(November 22 – December 21)

Art Statement


The Archer – Ninth sign

Representing the archer and the final fire sign in the zodiac, Sagittarius is a dynamic blend of passion, curiosity, intensity and adaptability. The Sagittarius quest for knowledge knows no bounds and once the archer pulls back the bow, the arrow will fly directly to the source traversing geographical, intellectual and spiritual terrain alike. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the idea of expanse, abundance and excess drives Sagittarius to explore ever new, bigger and better interests. I’ve chosen a native American influence for this representation as the archer brings this to mind along with the wild expanse of uncharted territories of the Americas of their history. The topaz earring features the archer in the centre and the astrological symbol is painted in war paint on her arm. Her fixed stare on the target is as intense as her thirst for knowledge and wild adventures.


- Fiona Francois -


Sagittarius charcoal drawing