Art Statement


The Platypus is a semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal found in Eastern Australia, including Tasmania. One of the most unique and bizarre creatures on the planet, the Platypus is well-loved in Australia and throughout the world. Although, very reclusive, they love to frolic and play in freshwater rivers and creeks which will entertain the luck spectator no end. However, with prolonged draughts, bushfires, land-clearing and climate change all affecting the platypus habitat, their numbers are decreasing and some areas alarmingly may see extinctions soon. I have portrayed this platypus in his ideal habitat under a tangle of tree roots in a quiet waterway. I have shown him out of the water to showcase his incredible wet bill and his winter fur. Meticulously rendered with charcoal and graphite pencil, the platypus and his habitat are finished with a splash of water and a dusting of powdered charcoal at the bottom of the drawing.

- Fiona Francois -

 Platypus progress pics

Platypus progress photos