(September 23 – October 23)

Art Statement


The Scales – Seventh sign

As an air sign, Libra represents the highest order of balance and harmony. Librans strive for diplomacy, equity and justice in their lives. This depiction of Libra is different to the usual representation of Lady Justice holding the scales. I sought an Asian motif for this concept of balance and harmony as I believe the East has a rich history of integrating these concepts into their philosophy, spirituality and culture. The image centres around the Taoist Yin Yang symbol as it eloquently describes this message. Following through with the theme, the idea of a Chinese Empress emerged and I integrated the Yin Yang symbol into a traditional Chinese silk fan. She has her eyes closed which is a nod to the concept of blind justice and the notion of judgement without prejudice. It also alludes to the idea of meditation and a higher spiritual order. I have used the embroidered motif of the Phoenix and the Dragon on the fan. This represents the middle path between the material world (dragon) and the spiritual world (Phoenix) – finding order in chaos – Duality.


- Fiona Francois -


Libra charcoal drawing