Legacy of the Wild

Exhibition of drawings by Fiona Francois

Driftwood Angel
3718 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Opens 4th June to 19th September 2021

Fiona is a contemporary charcoal artist living in Deloraine, Tasmania. Formerly a graphic designer with 30 years of experience in areas such as video games, television and book illustration, she now creates her own imaginative artwork driven by a passion for creating a narrative on environmental issues.
This exhibition showcases a series of work Fiona has been working on for 6 years. The majority of pieces are charcoal and pencil drawings with a few mixed media and some oil paintings. The series began with a 2.5 metre long drawing called "The Fallen". This marked the beginning of a long journey exploring the nature of trees, the environment and our human impact on this island. The exhibition is interactive with QR codes under each piece which link to "behind the scenes" online content such as videos, art statements, poems and photos. Fiona says of her work:
"Time, the elements, and the scourge of human crusades, have engraved a story into the fallen trees of forests long forgotten. Through the twisted limbs and knotted bark, etched lines and burnt scars, a twisted tale emerges of the once mighty kings and queens of ancient forests. Perhaps this telling may remind us that we have a shared vulnerability to the ravages of time - the weathering, the hardships and the loss, as well as a collaborative need to grow and prosper. We often forget our unity with nature, especially our interdependence, but the legacy of the wild has a critical lesson to teach us if we would only but look.”

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