'Fairy Wren'

Art Statement


One of the most loved birds in Tasmania, the male Superb Fairy Wren is easily distinguished by his vivid blue plumage. Often surrounded an entourage of brown 'jenny wrens' (not necessarily female), the breeding blue wren is quite obviously showing off! However with their tiny, quick and irresistible movements, they never seem to pose long for artists. Nevertheless this drawing was done in a large format to showcase the male Fairy Wren's exquisite plumage with every feather lovingly rendered. His busy motion suggested by the blurring and movement lines, never sitting still for long. For a bird at the top of the popularity pedestal, this wren needed a suitably impressive branch on which to sit, hence the royally gnarled burl befitting a prince.

- Fiona Francois -

 Fairy Wren progress pics

Progress photos of the Fairy Wren

Fairy Wren charcoal and coloured pencil drawing