'Driftwood Souls'

Art Statement

There are three sculptural forms comprising this series. Each has been eroded to the core of its spirit. Time and the elements have pounded these pieces into driftwood and engraved upon them a history of suffering. Scars and twisted tales are etched into their formation. Once mighty trees standing alongside the kings and queens of an ancient forest, now have fallen. Burnt, climate-tortured and condemned, they have witnesses their bretheren being cut down around them and in turn suffered the same fate as their kin. They have been drenched, frozen, bleached, sand-blasted, pounded in an angry ocean, and cast adrift to finally wash up on the shore. What has emerged over time is utterly transformed and hauntingly beautiful. I have anthropomorphised a face into this sculptural piece to enhance our perception of its natural beauty and vulnerability.

- Fiona Francois -

 Driftwood Souls trio graphite pencil drawings