'Driftwood Angel'

Art Statement

If we were keenly aware and carefully aligned with the value of our environmental heritage, what would it look like? If we were at one with the ancient forests, the pristine beaches, the natural lakes and waterways, and the myriad of incredible creatures that live on this beautiful island, how different would we be? If we knew first-hand what it was to look down the barrel of extinction, to suffer a loss of our habitat year after year and to live life on the edge every day, what kind of perspective would we have? If we knew, really knew, what our own impact has been and continues to be on the natural environment, how would we receive this? We are the only species that can use our imagination to extrapolate the future given current trends, and the only species that has the power to change the course of that future. We know what it looks like. Shouldn’t it be our moral obligation to act? We need to go where the wild things are, see what the wild things see, and remember - before it’s too late - that we are part of this fragile design of nature. Our own continued existence also relies upon a balance and harmony with all living things. I have imagined a wild woman who is in tune with nature and is sensitive and responsive to her environment. She is part tree, part woman – a blend of nature and nurture. She represents all that we might be.

- Fiona Francois -

Driftwood Angel in progress

Driftwood Angel in progress

Driftwood Angel in progress

Driftwood Angel drawing in progress

Driftwood Angel wing reference

Reference photo for the "wing" taken at Mt Field National Park

Driftwood Angel charcoal drawing