'Christmas Angel'

Art Statement

If there was an Angel that embodied the festive season of Christmas in Tasmania, what would she look like? I imagined her to be exquisitely clothed in the treasures of the natural environment, a homage to the wilderness often forgotten during the materialistic binge of the holiday season.  Her headdress and gown are stylistically of the Elizabethan era but made from native Tea Tree, driftwood and moss. Her wreath-like collar is made from Tasmanian Pencil Pine needles and bejewelled with tiny cones. Native Blue Gum nuts hang from her ears and she holds a great sceptre fashioned out of a giant poppy pod.  Her eyes convey her fierceness of spirit but her hands reveal the sensitivity of compassion.  She is the Queen of the forest and sworn protector of the natural world.

-Fiona Francois-

Christmas Angel graphite pencil drawing