(June 22 – July 22)

Art Statement


The Crab – Forth sign

Highly imaginative, loyal and very sensitive, Cancer is the first of the water signs. People born under the sign of Cancer are deeply intuitive and emotional, retreating into their “shells” when overwhelmed. They can empathise readily with other people’s pain and care deeply about matters of the home and environment. I have chosen a murky underwater environment to portray Cancer, suggesting she has retreated into the turmoil of her emotions. She peers at the at the viewer with an almost accusatory look of pain behind defensive arms. On her right forearm is a tattoo of the phases of the moon by which Cancer is prone to being influenced. The astrological symbol is tattooed underneath a crab design on her upper arm. A silver crab necklace hangs from one of the underwater tree roots implying that she might be spending a great deal of time down there hiding from the world and restoring her equilibrium.


- Fiona Francois -


Cancer charcoal drawing