(January 20 – February 18)

Art Statement


The Water Bearer – Eleventh sign

Aquarius is the final air sign of the zodiac and are innovative, progressive, rebellious and humanitarian. Often misrepresented as a water sign, the Water Bearer is symbolic of a mystical healer who bestows water (or life) upon the land in order to give regenerating life. This healing takes the form of intellectual knowledge, social change and interpersonal dynamics for which all air signs are indicative. Aquarians have one foot firmly planted on the soil (representative of being grounded) and the other positioned in the water (immersed in new streams of inspiration, healing and hope) so I have placed my Aquarian in a lush wetland. Operating on the fringes of new thinking, Aquarians often appear quite alternative in their fashion and have a deep connection with community in the form of teamwork and collaboration on innovative projects. I have used a boho style of fashion which has a hint of the middle east and extended this theme to the water vessel. The design on the jug is taken from an antique Iranian pot which I’ve modified to become a water jug. I’ve chosen this design as it shows a group of women working together on a communal project, the essence of Aquarius. The astrological symbol for Aquarius is displayed on her earring. The expression on her face is one of dreaming. Aquarians are the dreamers and big picture thinkers determined to make a powerful difference in the world.



- Fiona Francois -


Aquarius charcoal drawing