New Gallery Renovation

The renovations are under way and already the space is looking refreshed.  Two doorways in the back wall have been filled in and a corridor made behind the wall for access to the kitchen and storage rooms.  We’re all relying on Christian and his handyman skills to make a wall space for Patrick to hang his Paper Tole.

I hand painted the sign onto marine plywood and Christian and I installed it after removing a rather ugly extractor fan from the front window space.

Steve painted the outside of the shop to our black and white colour theme and I gave the pavement outside the door a new look with a hand painted 5 design.

Wanting a novel open sign, I got some black pots and painted O P E N on them so now we have some nice English Box planters out the front.

The window display stand is re-purposed from my old studio window stage and shelving system reconnected like Mechano to form a new freestanding unit.  We recycled as much as possible and the black and white paint was used over and over for various projects.


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