Latest Work

This is the beginning of a series of large drawings exploring the weathering and decay of trees.  This piece, 2.4 x 1.2 metres, focuses on the Tasmanian pencil pine which grows 1000 metres above sea level and many live to well over 1000 years old.  Because they grow in such cold, harsh weather conditions, many trees are stunted, twisted and gnarled like Bonsai trees.  Fascinating in their weathered, driftwood-like forms, to me these trees represent the essence of survival amidst the most relentless and brutal conditions.  Snow, icy gales, drought, and fires have blasted, bleached and contorted their limbs, forcing them into crawling ungainly forms, clinging to rocks and wedged into crevices.  Since European settlement one third of them have been destroyed by clearing, mining, forestry and fire and currently their greatest threat is climate change.